Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I Wish I'd Dodged School To Watch Kilroy

Maybe we should have all watched Kilroy instead of bothering with school...

Incredibly, it's been 18 years it's since that episode was aired, and if it were not for the absurd fashion sense displayed in the audience, it could easily pass as an episode that aired earlier today, or even ten years prior to it if you believe what was said by 'Brian'.

I could spend/waste another hour or two of my life analyzing what was argued by each side, but it's pretty obvious what my opinion would be on this; an opinion similar to that of each of the graduates speaking.

I guess what this clip proves is that it's only a matter of time before things do pick up, but it's quite hard to keep believing that when, for me, it's been two years (as was the case for one of the graduates in the clip) and it's showing no signs of improving anytime soon.

Today I've applied for three jobs and followed up eleven job applications; no luck from any of them as of yet though. What I really need more than anything at the moment is a pick-me-up; just something to give me some confidence and optimism, you know.


DBevan said...

Evening Craig,

I wouldn't be so arrogant to assume I can give you confidence and optimism but sometimes it helps just to know someone is reading what you're writing (I know that feeling as well as anyone).

I thought the job climate was bad when I came out of uni but it seems a million times worse at the moment.

I was interested to read a previous entry about volunteering. Have you thought about writing for a more established blog? I don't know anything about your skills or proficiencies but I can tell just from reading your entries on here that you can write (and far better than a lot of journalism graduates and newspaper employees at that).

I've started doing some stuff for http://backpagefootball.com - it doesn't get read by a huge amount of people but it looks professional and is something else for the CV. They take anyone who can string two sentences together so you'd be a shoo-in.

Only a suggestion and it might not interest you in the slightest, but thought it was worth mentioning.

When I was out of uni and didn't get a full time job for six months, I spent that time doing practically nothing but now I realise I could have done so much more with that time. It all depends on your mindset at the time I suppose.

If not football, I know for a fact you could write passionately about music somewhere or for someone.

Hope one of the job applications pays off mate.

Dave (Fez)

unemployedandeducated said...

Hi mate,

Cheers for the comment, it's always nice to recieve a compliment, especially from someone whose journalism (amongst other things!) I respect.

Backpagefootball.com is certainly something I'd be interested in, not sure how much I'd be able to do for them, but would love to do the odd piece. As you say, it'd be something else for the CV. The more I can do while I'm in this situation, the better I think.

Cheers again for the comment, it's much appreciated.

DBevan said...

Excellent stuff, totally agree.

@bpfootball on Twitter, run by @kevism

Nath's done one or two articles for them in the past, didn't have the minerals to stick it out though, too busy fiddling with his pretty pictures I reckon!

Anonymous said...

I graduated back in the early 1990s, and it was just as bad as it is now. So I just went to teach English abroad for a few years, and came back, aged 25, as the economy was picking up, and started a boring grown up career. So it all sort of worked out.
Unfortunately, though, I recently went back to University to retrain for a new job. I've graduated from that, but can't get a job in my new profession - or in my old one (because it looks odd that I left it). So I'm facing graduate unemployment in a recession for the second time!
This time, though, the dole people are definitely nastier to everybody, so it's much tougher. I'd go abroad again if I didn't have a child at school.
Like you - even though I'm 20 years older - my overall feeling is that it's such a waste of my talents and willingness to contribute something to society.

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