Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Day Of Mixed News

Though the day is still fairly young, it’s been a day of mixed news so far.

A letter of rejection dropped on my door mat regarding the Wetherspoons job interview last week. It was a position that would probably never lead to a career or anything, but a bit of money would have been nice. Maybe that attitude came across in the interview leading me to be unsuccessful? Not sure what else they expect with the large turnover of staff they have. Still, at least they had the decency to let me know, albeit 8 days later.

On a brighter note, also dropping on my door mat was an application pack from the Youth Justice Board regarding volunteering on a Youth Offender Panel here in Kettering. It seems like a brilliant opportunity to help a good organisation, and hopefully it’s something that future employers will look upon favorably. It’s all filled out, and just needs posting now.

Youth Offender Panels help youth offenders see the error of their ways

Regarding paid employment, I’ve had a little scout about today on the job websites, and there seems to be nothing decent going again. I can’t see myself as a cleaner, and nor do i have the qualifications to apply for the role of senior mechanic. Shame.

This blogging business becomes quite addictive, doesn’t it.


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