Thursday, 22 April 2010

'Forget The Horror Here...'

A decidedly apt song lyric that rings through my head whilst planning this blog post.

It’s true, my current situation does have a slight ambiance of horror about it, and it’s pretty difficult to forget about or put it to one side at the moment. That’s not to say that there haven’t been a few welcome distractions lately though.

Nothing has given me more enjoyment and reason to ‘forget the horror’ in the past few months than the performance(s) of my football team, Leicester City.

Just over a year ago we were celebrating promotion from the third tier of English football (League One) after what can only be described as an eternity of disappointment, and one season in particular of absolute despair. Promotion to The Championship meant that things were looking up for the first time in probably four or five years. I’d accepted that sometimes you have to take one step back, to take two steps forward. Make no mistake though, I wasn’t expecting our first season back in The Championship to be easy, far from it. I’d have taken survival by the skin of our teeth.

Leicester City celebrate winning the League One title

12 months on and we’re on the brink of sealing a playoff place; match or better the Blackpool result on Saturday at Preston (they hate Blackpool, don’t forget) and we’ll have secured our place.

Dreams of a Wembley final versus ****** have been repeating on me for a while now, but just recently they’re seeming distinctively vivid and real, 3-0 again please? Including that fantastic victory vs Forest, what we’ve achieved this season has been magnificent, regardless of what happens now. We’ve finally got ourselves a young, exciting, attacking team, with a manager that is surely, but sadly, destined for places greater than Leicester one day.

Nigel Pearson, the man who has changed everything

Even if we fail to win our last two games and fall out of the playoffs, we’ve installed some pride back within our once great club. I’m as proud as I’ve ever been to be Leicester, and I’m already looking forwards to next season, be it in The Championship, or the Premier League.

As implied at the start, it isn’t just football that has acted as a relief to my situation, music’s played a large part too.

After a dearth of new music of interest to myself, this week has started in spectacular fashion. Foals, Minus The Bear, The National, Band of Horses, and 65daysofstatic all becoming available in the space of just a few hours! All albums seem worthy of the decent reviews they’ve been receiving on the basis of what I’ve heard of them so far.

The six albums have been pretty difficult to fully digest in the past 36 hours or so that I’ve had them, but the one album that appears to stand out is ‘Total Life Forever’ by Foals. It’s fair to say that it’s dominated my playlists and play count.

After Foals’ debut album ‘Antidotes’, I have been eagerly awaiting this, and with stand-out tracks such as ‘Blue Blood’ (strangely enough), ‘After Glow’, and ‘Miami’ coupled with the already familiar ‘Spanish Sahara’ (featured below) and ‘This Orient’, my eager anticipation seems to have been fully validated.

Anticipation is also the reason for me being awake so late tonight (01.10am currently), Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings are made for LOST. Obviously I’m in the UK, so I have to wait for some kind soul to upload the episode to Rapidshare or similar for me to download. Otherwise I’d probably be watching it right now.

Tonight is episode 13, and apparently it’s not any particular characters ‘centric’, it’s ‘multi’. Hopefully this means we’ll start accelerating towards the finish line with regards to finding some answers. One of which is “why the hell did Desmond run Locke over in the alternate universe last week?” Was it to show him a flashback, as he has to Hugo? Or was it because he believes Locke to be evil in the alternate universe too?

I’m excited.

Unfortunately with only an hour to go until it’l be available, I’ve a busy day with the girlfriend tomorrow. I’d better get back to the ultimately unrewarding task of searching for employment online to make up for the loss of time tomorrow.



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